Smart Badge vs Visit Connect

What’s the difference?

Visit Connect? Touch & Collect? Smart badge?
You don’t have a clue what this is all about? Then you should certainly read this information below!


  • Initiated by the exhibitor
  • Only exhibitors with a GoLeads or GoPlus can use this app
  • The new Visit Connect Web App can be used by as many of your team members as you need
  • Qualify leads by asking questions and taking notes in the app
  • Collect all the information on one source
  • Lead follow up: contact visitors after the show


  • Initiated by the visitor
  • All the exhibitors can spread their info via the reader (info uploaded on My Easyfairs)
  • No contact needed with the visitor, install your reader on your stand and they will get your information automatically in their mailbox
  • GoLeads/GoPlus exhibitors receive a visitors list with data from the registration if they scanned your stand. GoVisibility exhibitors will only see the number of touches.

Keep up the good work, you have a motivated team that has full control over the organization of this show..

-Aurélie Van Accolyen, Scott Automation

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