TPS093, your packaging solutions
Decapac nv

TPS093, your packaging solutions

Discover TPS093, square tamper proof food packaging



DECA innovates. Keeping up with the times. And so we
developed an amazing TPS093 series, our new square
containers with safety closure. A pleasure to stack. Labels
always nicely visible in the right direction. And more products
on the same shelf space. We love it. We’re sure your customers
will too. An ideal packaging solution with all the trusted quality
features. Leakproof, food safe, multifunctional and reusable.

DECA recycles. The environment is everyone’s concern,
including DECA’s. The TPS093 series is made of 100%
polypropylene and is fully recyclable. Nature thanks you.
We’re sure your customers will too. A conscious choice that
boosts your business. SUCCESS guaranteed with DECA’s
square containers.

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