Materials and Packaging Research & Services (MPR&S)


With modern analysing techniques and a scientific interpretation of test results, the ‘VerpakkingsCentrum’ conducts scientific research and provides services to industry.
In strong collaboration with other research groups, institutions and companies, the center, with its knowledge and expertise, contributes to investigate/to solve research questions that can lead to innovations in the industrial chain.
In its complementary cooperation with the unique Master’s program in Packaging Engineering Technology (University Hasselt), it supports the education of young people into skilled and dedicated engineers, that are able to work with integrity and a clear vision in today’s society.



Material Characterization of paper, flat card-board, corrugated cardboard and plastics is executed according to national and international standards with equipment of Lorentzen & Wettre, MTS, PAAR …

Properties of pater and cardboard as a material and also as a box are measurable: puncure resistance, air permeability, static and dynamic friction, thickness, compression resistance of material and box, crack resistance, total and component grammage, Cobb value, moisture content, 4-point bending, crease strength, … Properties of plastic materials are quantifiable: puncture resistance, tensile strength,

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