As an SME accredited ISO 17025 by BELAC, CELABOR offers technical and scientific support to companies in all sectors of the circular economy and the bioeconomy, in particular in the fields of agrifood, materials (textiles, packaging and bio-sourced applications) and the environment. Particularly, Celabor offers a wide range of packaging characterization (Mechanical, barrier, optical properties, food contact…) and has a large expertise in the eco-design of new sustainable packaging (particularly paper based and plastic based) and the study of their end of life (compostability, paper recyclability). The strength of Celabor comes from the combination of its expertises in packaging and food for the efficient selection of new environmentally friendly packaging while keeping the preservation of the food, and, in packaging and biomass extraction for the development of biosourced packaging starting from the unvalorized biomass by-products. Its additional knowledge in LCA and end-of-life study is also a key element to guide the choice towards the most environmentally friendly solutions.




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